Retro-Fit Hit and Hold Solenoid Valve – 4 Channel


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A – Select resistor A 100 ohm 0603 size for 50% duty

B – Select resistor B 100 ohm 0603 size for 66.6% duty

The Retrofit Solenoid Valve Driver can be inserted into the wires of you r existing design. The driver has two input and two output wires that are soldered in series with the existing wires going to your solenoid valve. When power is applied the driver turns on with zero latency and applies full power to the solenoid for 500 ms, the driver then cuts back to a user selectable 50% or 66.6% duty pulse width modulated drive. 50% represents a cut back to 25% power and 66.6% represents a cut back to 36% of original power dissipation. The reduction in power dissipation, reduces heat load locally such that fluids do not get over heated, and also reduces total thermal load in an instrument.


Input Voltage5 V - 30 V
Max Load Current1 amp
Hit Time500 ms ± 50 ms
Hold TimeInfinite
Reset Time/VoltageLess than 2 V for more than 1 ms
Wire Gauge20 AWG - 28 AWG

Suitability of Use:

Suitable for use in solenoids where the magnetic loop reduces as the solenoid pulls in. Such that the much less current is required hold the solenoid in place than to initiate the stroke. May require higher PWM hold % for pinch valve type solenoids where the load increases significantly as the tube is pinched (contact factory for customization).

Power on Rise Time:

The power on “hit” time count starts when the supply exceeds 5 V, therefore the power input must turn on with a reasonably fast rise time in order to get 500 ms of “hit” time. Generally, this is not a problem because most devices will turn on in less than 1 ms, but is noticeable if for example the voltage is being gradually increased from a lab power supply.

Reset Time:

The “Hit” time counter resets if the supply drops below 2 V for greater than 1 ms


Custom designs such as higher voltage, higher current, miniaturization, custom PCB layout to fit around existing hardware are available. Please contact Factory at

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